Landcare Europe

Landcare Europe is a network of European organizations to work on common goals and put ideas on the European Environmental Policy forward. Core element is the cooperation with farmers. It is the vision to protect and develop European cultural landscapes together with land users.

It is an important goal for DVL to strengthen the network within the next years. The network is carried out with partners in the following countries:

- Luxemburg
- Spain
- Romania
- Lithuania
- Slovenia
- Sweden
- Icland
- Scotland

06th of February DVL and its partners held en event at the representation of the State of Bavaria in Brussels to present Landcare Europe and the Public Goods Premium for the European Agricultural Policy after 2020.


German-Romanian Project for Agriculture, Environmental Development and Landcare

The Carpathian Mountains, especially the mountain meadow grass-lands, are a biodiversity hot-spot in Europe. Extensive management of them is necessary in order to conserve them. However, structural changes in the agricultural sector in Romania as a result of its accession to the European Union threaten these grasslands. The threats orig-inate either from land abandonment and following natural reforestation or intensification of grassland use. Both developments would result in a loss of biodiversity. Continuing extensive use of the grassland can only be achieved if land users are able to achieve a sufficient in-come for themselves and for their families. Cooperation of land users, nature conservationists or environmentalists and local authorities can contribute to the sustainable use of the land.

Project details
The goal of the project is to encourage and promote cooperative ap-proaches to conserve the cultural landscape in the Carpathian Moun-tains, whilst improving the living conditions of local people (farmers) at the same time. In dialogues with authorities and stakeholders, the main activities and resourcing requirements for cooperation in the target region will be discussed. A one-week-training for the Romanian partner organization in Germany will support the exchange of experi-ences of German Landcare Associations to Romania. Additionally experiences, knowledge and lessons of cooperative nature conservation in Germany will be transferred to the target region. Finally, future collaboration and exchange of expertise beyond completion of the project to implement European goals for the protection of biodiversity is encouraged.

Exchange visits

The European Union offers the possibility to exchange work experiences with other European organizations. Several goups from forgein countries already have had the chance to visit Germany and to discuss with Landcare Assiociation about their work. It is very important to exchange on European Environmental Directives to learn about new ideas and successfull projects in other countries.

The current Erasmus+ Exchange is carried out with partners from Spain, Slovenia, Sweden, Scotland and Romania. Visits to Spain, Slovenia, Sweden and Scotland took part 2016 and the exchange with Romania will take part in May 2017. 

Thanks to all partners for the good cooperation!


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