Landscapes for People, Food and Nature

In March 2012 the Forum on Landscapes for People, Food and Nature was held at ICRAF in Nairobi. LPFN invited experts from all over the world to discuss how an integrated landscape approach can be developed and implemented in politics and on the fields. DVL presented its experiences on the ground as well as the organization structure in the forum. Especially in the working group "Producer and community organizations are effectively engaged in international, national and local landscapes initiatives" good results and idas have been found. Several working groups contributed to the "Call to Action" for Rio+20 and the generell "Action and Advocacy Strategy". 

Please find more information on the webpage of Landscapes for People, Food and Nature.

Cooperation with Landcare Australia

Landcare Australia and Landcare in Germany were founded about the same time and with a similar approach without even knowing from each other. A personal contact to Australia brought both organizations together. Although the natural background is different in both countries there are a lot of similarities in the organisations. An exchange of experiences and innovative ideas contribute to the work of Landcare Australia and Landcare in Germany.

Here you can find the articel "Landcare through German eyes" by Beate Krettinger published 2002 in Australia.

In September 2011 the Landcare Faciliator Brett de Hayr came to Germany to discuss about some important topics and visit some project sites. Please click on the links below to find short films taped by Brett about projects carried out by German Landcare Associations.

2012 Beate Krettinger took part in the National Landcare Conference in Sydney and gave a presentation about Landcare in Germany. During her stay in Australia she was able to meet and discuss with some Australian Landcare Groups. After her visit of the Victorian Landcare and Catchement Management Group an article about Landcare in Germany was published in their magazine.

Landcare International

Landcare International (LI) is a global network of individuals and institutions committed to the principles and practices of Landcare, and its promotion globally. Founded in 2004 in Stellenbosch, South Africa, LI is governed by an International Steering Committee of 16 members represented by Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, USA, Germany (DVL), Iceland, Philippines, Uganda, South Africa.
Via phone conferences and newsletters all members are informed about new projects and ideas on landcare. The common goal is to exchange experiences and to promote the sustainable use of rescources with community based landcare organizations. Well established organizations support evolving initiatives with their experiences and knowledge.

In March 2012 Marie Kaerlein from DVL visited ICRAF and had the chance to meet with LI members. New ideas have been exchanged and all agreed to improve the collaboration to a stronger partnership.

Please find more information on the webpage of Landcare International.

Satoyama Initiative

The Satoyama Initiative was founded at the 10th Convention of biodiversity in Najoya, Japan. Satoyama promotes the idea of "harmony between men and nature" and implies a sustainable development and management of natural resources in landscapes which have been shaped by local people for a long time - which are called socioecological production landscapes and seescapes. But not only nature but also humans are a focus of the Satoyama Initiative which fosters a common basis for the nature and lifelyhood of local people. This idea is very similar to the vision of Landcare Associations in Germany. Therefore DVL is one of the two founding members of the initiative.

Please find more infomation about the Satoyama Initiative and events on the webpage of the Satoyama Initiative.

Beginning of 2016 the Satoyama Initiative published the Satoyama Initiative Thematic Review Vol. 1 "Enhancing knowledge of better Management of Socio-ecological Production Landscapes and Seascapes". DVL contributed with an article of Landcare Associations with examples from the Landcare Association Central Black Forest.

You can downlowad the publication here.




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